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NJ Detox and Treatment: Introduction

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NJ Detox and Treatment

NJ Detox and Treatment

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According to an article, more than one hundred thousand individuals in New Jersey struggle with a heroin addiction. Finding NJ detox and treatment (for abuse of painkillers, other drugs, or alcohol) can be difficult. What options are available? How long will treatment take? Do you have to go to therapy? There are not often clear answers to these questions. Each journey to recovery is different, but the following terms and options can help you navigate addiction treatment better.


Before an individual can get the help they need, they must first acknowledge that they need help. Family members and friends often play a role in this. However, in order for recovery to be successful, one must be accepting and motivated on their own. Interventions may take place in order to reach this point. For some, peers will perform an intervention on their own. In other cases, a professional interventionist can be hired. Intervention of the law, if one is found to be in possession of illegal substances or under the influence, may also prompt an individual to begin treatment.


Detoxification is the process by which an individual removes a substance from the body. In the case of addiction, this involves terminating use of the substance. Various factors contribute to the length and success of detox. Each individual’s body is unique and will respond to detox differently. However, the length of usage, quantity of the substance used, and frequency of use all affect detox.

An individual can detox from drugs or alcohol on their own, but this is not always successful. Withdrawal symptoms can be taxing on the body. Home temptations may disrupt the process. For these reasons and more, detoxing with a medical professional is often advised. An individual will receive medication to manage their symptoms and be supervised. Further, they will be in an environment where recovery is encouraged. This can be done during inpatient care (hospitalization) or at an outpatient facility. Ambulatory detox allows individuals to go home at the end of their day.

For more information on detoxification treatment or to schedule an appointment with Tranquil & Quest, call (844) 986-7837 or click here.

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