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Tranquil and Quest’s sober living community is comprised of four high-end, oceanfront apartments, located in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Residents can enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations, including meals prepared by a gourmet chef, an onsite fitness center, and complimentary laundry services. Our 24-hour technicians are always there to provide necessary care and support during your stay.

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Choosing the Right Sober Living facility

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Choosing the Right Sober Living House

Tranquil & Quest December 2017

Living in a safe environment with access to support and structure is an important step on the road to complete recovery from substance abuse. There are a number of factors that recovering addicts should consider when looking for the perfect sober living house.

Four Tips for Choosing a Sober Living House

Many factors play a role in the success of a sober living house, as you navigate your options, ask plenty of questions about each of the following:

A sober living facility should require Accountability

The only way anybody ever is going to really get back to an independent, substance-free existence after rehab is to take accountability for their actions. A sober living house should help former addicts adjust to this way of thinking and living, which means daily structure, activities, and curfews all should be set up as safeguards to ensure you are remaining honest in your sobriety and moving safely toward life after the halfway house.

A sober living facility should offer you Support

Ideally, most of this accountability would come from within you, but no individual can navigate this process alone, which is why a strong support system is important. The best support in the journey toward sobriety comes from people who genuinely are sympathetic, but still tough and honest. Compassion is a key part of this process, so finding a staff that understands and appreciates what you are going through, and still holding you accountable is so important and essential in selecting the right sober living facility.

A sober living facility should provide Structure

An important thing recovering addicts need in their daily lives is structure, the more repetitive the daily routine, the better. While a curfew is one way to enact structure, other routines are just as helpful. Ideally, there should be a number of hard rules and regulations that exist to supplement the spiritual and therapeutic work a person does throughout the course of their day. Good sober living facilities have solid rules and a predictable routine, all of which will create a zero-tolerance drug-free environment for people committed to recovery.

Location, Location, Location

There are all types of sober living facilities available to those leaving rehab, with so many other things to focus on during recovery, your personal safety shouldn’t be one of them. Choosing a sober living facility in a safe neighborhood is important, while it’s impossible to avoid temptation completely in the real world, you can move as far away from temptation as possible. True, long-lasting sobriety is always a work in progress.

Tranquil & Quest is New Jersey’s premier Oceanfront Sober Living Facility. To find out more or to schedule a visit call 844-986-7837 or click HERE

At our sober living facility, people recovering from addiction live in our supervised and sober environment with structure and rules. We also provide access to AA/ NA meetings. Tranquil and Quest also provide help in finding the best detox programs for our residents. We have long-standing relationships with New Jersey’s top detox centers. At our sober living facilities, we help our residents transition from rehab to living independently.

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