Tranquil and Quest – Therapeutic Community in New Jersey

Tranquil and Quest’s sober living community is comprised of four high-end, oceanfront apartments, located in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Residents can enjoy state-of-the-art accommodations, including meals prepared by a gourmet chef, an onsite fitness center, and complimentary laundry services. Our 24-hour technicians are always there to provide necessary care and support during your stay.

Phone: 1-844-9TNQuest


Addiction Recovery in NJ In NJ, abuse of heroin, opiates, and other prescription painkillers is at an all time high. Addiction can affect anyone, and finding the right recovery options for you or your loved one may seem difficult. Tranquil and Quest can help. Call (844) 986-7837 for our ambulatory detox admissions. The following information may also help you to identify the best addiction recovery plan for you. Finding Addiction Recovery in NJ In order to

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Heroin and opiate addiction kills more Americans than car accidents, according to the federal government. Those numbers are especially high in NJ, where thousands of individuals and their families are affected by drug addiction. In order to best address this issue, federal and state legislators have been increasing funding and awareness for drug abuse. These laws not only work to provide more drug rehab options in NJ, but also to decriminalize certain drug offenses, aiming to provide

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NJ Rehab What is NJ Rehab? When one hears the term “rehab,” different images may come to mind. Maybe you think of rehab as a place that your family members force you to go to, or a million dollar mansion that celebrities go to, leave, and then go to again. While media portrayals of this slang term for rehabilitation aren’t always positive, the fact remains: NJ rehab is still among the best ways to recover from

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